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Miniature Schnauzers

Golden hearts and angels with beards

Zwergschnauzers are charming and fascinating creatures who won the love of fans worldwide. This is a sensitive, thoughtful and loyal dog with high intelligence. Their temperament, loyalty and adaptability is more developed over time.

Zwergschnauzers are capable pupils, but they are quickly tired of repetition. These dogs can be easily adapted for life in the town and village and can be happy alone with their owner or in a in the cheerful company of them, they can become beautiful and healthy family members.

These qualities were recognized and appreciated by the first Schnauzer breeders in Bavaria (southern Germany) in the late 19 th century, Zwergschnauzers are inherited them from Schnauzer.

Psychological traits were reinforced first American breed of enthusiasts from the 30-ies of the XIX century. Since the inherent features of nature Schnauzers and their charm has been retained in Zwergschnauzers as well as expand the popularity of the breed.

Currently, some psychological characteristics and peculiar charm along with the type and shape of these dogs are the main direction of breeding Zwergschnauzers for serious breeders. Due to the small size and strong addition Zwergschnauzers like terriers, but differ from them in structure and temperament. Their unique color – pepper and salt (with a silver stain of the limbs), silver-black or all black and white, but also tough and easy to trimming wool adds to their appeal. Beautiful view after grooming is the best reward owners for a job well done.

Miniature Schnauzer is the perfect companion for the whole family, the elegant and stylish show dog.